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The Role of Universities in Promoting Dialogue Through Philosophy

Editors  :   Samuel O. Imbo, Azizan Baharuddin, Shaikh Saifudden Shaikh Mohd Salleh
Year  :   2011
Publisher  :   Universiti Malaya Centre for Civilisational Dialogue
ISBN  :   978-983-3070-35-0
Pages  :   109
Format  :   Paperback
Price  :   RM 25.00

The essays collected are based on some of the papers presented at the Seminar Commerating UNESCO's World Philosophy Dialogue in 2008.The papers have since been revised and they all aim to present a more balanced picture of philosophy by highlighting the positive aspects. Philosophy in the most basic sense is the love of wisdom. All humans develop indigenous wisdom that helps them understand themselves and their place in the world. Since philosophy has no subject matter of its own, it must spring from the local knowledge about religion, culture, ethics, and our relationship to the world around us. The subject matter is always local.

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