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Dimensions of Shadow Play in Malay Civilisations

Author  :   Faridah Noor Mohd Noor
Year  :   2006
Publisher  :   Centre for Civilisational Dialogue
ISBN  :   983-3070-14-0
Pages  :   121
Format  :   Paperback
Price  :   RM 25.00

Summary :

As this art form has withstood the change of time, proponents of the shadow play are alerted to its possible disappearance within this region as little attention is paid by the media to it as a flourishing traditional art form. In this book, the author concern on the lack of exposure of the younger generation to this beautiful art form of storytelling. The author emphasizes on the people, especially the young to rediscover the value of this local art form and enthusiasts need to take on a more aggressive approach in promoting the shadow play to the public.

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